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Applied Learning Programme

Learning Outcomes

HYSS Applied Learning Programme : Technology for Active Living aims :
  1. To prepare our students for the complexities and challenges faced in this digital age of social and economic revolution and innovation. 
  2. To have a positive influence on achieving life-long learning in our students. 
  3. To develop in students the creative confidence to generate solutions to real life problems.


Vice_Principal: Mrs Celine Wong  Advisor
HOD/Science Mr Lee Choon Kiong  Head
HOD/Craft & Technology Mr Tan Kheng Wee  DY Head
HOD/ICT Mr Shaheful  Programming
Ms Tan Ka Shin
Mr Leow Guan Sin
Mr Seah Jim Chew
Mr Sim Chow Meng
Mr Oliver Ong
Mdm Nur Syahirah
Mr Tan Yong Hwa
Mr Beh Yong Hua
Mr Roland Tan
Mr Asyraf
Mr Tham Chee Yong
Mr Mazlan Tapar

Key Programmes




Tier 1 Sec 1: 

Learn and apply design thinking 

Learn programming using Arduino and Scratch programmes 

Make use of Technologies to connect authentic real world materials to the computer 

Apply programming skills to solve different scenarios that can promote Active Living  


Tier 1 Sec 2:

EL lessons: interview people to identify a problem

ALP lessons: Program Arduino to promote Active Living with sensors and actuators

D&T and ART lessons: Design/ Build the solution to the problem

Generation, development of ideas and conceptualising of ideas plus packaging their presentation into an impactful visual experience.


Tier 2: 

Showcase prototypes at various platforms 

Intergenerational VIA projects 

Competitions (eg. Ignite with STEM ) 


Visit to industry partners 

Science centre learning modules 

Health science and electronics to develop and strengthen interest and promote innovation 

STEM related Elective module, EM at ITE 

STEM related Advanced Elective Modules, AEM at Polytechnics


Tier 3: 

In-depth application of skills and knowledge 

Selected students participated in the Youth Entrepreneurship Skills Programme &