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Experience the joy of success and share your passion for life.
Broaden your horizons and stay relevant in our ever-changing world.
Grow your potential and develop essential qualities to lead, serve and inspire.
Develop the willingness to help others by stepping forward to make a difference
Embark on a journey designed to uncover your potential and prepare you for a life of learning.
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We embrace technology through our Personalised Digital Learning Programme (PDLP) We cultivate self-directed learners through our Independent Learning Days (ILD) We prepare our students for their future with our Applied Learning Programme (ALP)
We build a community of resilient leaders through our Learning for Life Programme (LLP) We foster a strong school identity through our House Programme We nurture emphathetic contributors through our Values-in-Action (VIA) activities


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Upcoming Events

Meet-the-Parents Session
Meet-the-Parents Session
Oct 28
GCE O Level Examinations
GCE O Level Examinations
Oct 28 - Nov 11
Sec 4 /5 Prom Night
Sec 4 /5 Prom Night
Nov 16
Open House
Open House
Nov 19


What does it feel like to be part of the Hua Yi family?
<span>Faith Low Ci En,</span> Student from <br>2017 - 2020 Faith Low Ci En, Student from
2017 - 2020

"The Hua Yi brand of education was very holistic and well-grounded in the school values of 仁义智群, and as such, I found myself in a wholesome atmosphere that encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things."

<span>Mr Michael S Chia,</span>Student from<br>1984 - 1987 Mr Michael S Chia,Student from
1984 - 1987

"Miss Koh Poh Kwee was my history teacher in Secondary 2. She was a dedicated teacher who took great pains to make learning interesting and enjoyable for her students, often conveying historical lessons through lively stories."

<span>Tan Jia Hao,</span>Student from<br>2013 - 2016 Tan Jia Hao,Student from
2013 - 2016

"My experiences in Hua Yi offered me so much - from the night study sessions we had in school during our 'N' level Exams period, to being selected for many enrichment courses."

<span>Chia Yuan Ting,</span>Student from<br>2016 - 2019 Chia Yuan Ting,Student from
2016 - 2019

"Active application of my past experiences when I was in Hua Yi has helped shape me to be a critical thinker. The teachers played a huge role in pushing us to think further and wider. They would not spoon-feed, instead they would give guidance that allow us to think using our existing knowledge."